10 Red Apples 

Hi everyone, it’s been 109 days since I posted anything.  I took the summer off from blogging to just relax and enjoy my family and yoga. But now I am back in the school year and creating some great plans for some posts this school year.  

Tonight I created an adapted story called  “10 Red Apples,” inspired by the book/ poem by Pat Hutchins.   I an sharing it here via Google slides. Here are a few ways you can incorporate this story into your lesson plans with assistive technology and make it a multi sensory experience

-Consider using a multiple step voiceoutput device for the repeating lines in the story

-use real apples while reading the story

-If using real apples, give students their low vision devices or magnifying glasses to inspect the look and feel of the apples: 

-Consider displaying this power point book on your smart board and on a child with VIs laptop/iPad on displayed on the screen. This way, all the kids in the class can access the book and also address Universal Design for Learning elements for your learners

You can access the PDF of this presentation here: 



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