App Review: Switch Trainer

Switch Trainer is an awesome new app that helps switch users to practice the four scaffold levels of switch skills needed to access AAC devices, computers and tablets as well as other adaptive equipment with two switches.  Although, this app could be a good way to introduce touch screen access and cause and effect skills for new iPad users who might be future AAC users. This app is appropriate for switch users of all ages but specifically early intervention, early childhood and schools that serve users with multiple disabilities with physical impairments.

There are Six games are available within the app

– Animations-

Switch Skills: Cause Effect

– Make a choice-

Switch SkillVisual scanning between two icons

– Monkey playground

Switch Skill: Target switch skills
– Dress up the mouse

Switch Skill: elevated visual scanning skills and practice 

– Orchestra

Switch Skills: Visual scanning, targeting switching 
– Hide and seek 

Switch Skills: Visual scanning, targeting switch 

Operating Modes:

External keyboard (Space and Enter)

Scanning with 1 or 2 switch 

Touch Scanning iPad Screen

My Two Cents:

This is a great app for students, teachers and therapists who believe their students will be future switch users using an AAC device. The games are entertaining and provide a wide array of skills practice with a variet of input methods (keyboard, touch screen,  1 or 2 switches). For kids with visual impairments, higher level switch skills games could become very challenging but I have been successful with kids with visual impairments using this app on all levels. Like anything else, give it a shot and see what happens. But students with visual impairments love the cause and effect animation games and love playing speed switch games with their fellow switch training peers when we hook up two switches to the app. Overall this app is well worth the purchase. 






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