Simple Prizmo OCR App Tutorial

Prizmo OCR App is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) App that allows users to scan text documents (worksheets, text documents, business cards,etc) on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and have the text read back to them. This can be useful for individuals with visual impairments or dyslexia. The apps costs about $10.00 and is user friendly. However, I feel the user really needs to practice getting used to how OCR works. For users that are visually paired, I feel this app is most appropriate for users with some functional vision. However, I think users would need assistance from a sighted assistant to be able to take the photo of documents since it requires a clear photo of the text on the page.

Simple Use:

Step 1-Click camera button to photograph a page of text


Step 2: Photographt page of text from a distance where the text page is recognizeable. A tripod would be very helpful for this stage.  For visually impaired users this step might require the need for a sighted tech guide. You might need to rotate and crop the image to make the text readable by the app.

Step 3: Hit Apply as the app  scans the documents

Step 4: Select the block of text you would like read outloud.


Step 5: Hit the blue box with the arrow  coming out of the top and select “Read outloud.” See video below for how the app works:

Simple Youtube Prizmo App Demo
For a more thorough tutorial on Prizmo OCR app please check out this great tutorial linked below:

Detailed Prizmo App Tutorial on Youtube


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