App Review: EDA Play Pauli

EDA PLAY Pauli app is a new vision app from the developers of Sugar and Ketchup.  The app is a simple visual motor game for infants and toddlers with visual impairments and older children with multiple disabilities. The app features several visual motor tasks that range from basic cause and effect (touch the screen and something happens to basic whole part concepts (what part of the teddy bear is missing?).    The app follows a sequential story line of a day in the life of a little girl named Pauli.  The activities that Pauli does in her day challenges the user to begin to understand basic cause and effect  concepts and functionality of real life objects and situations. (i.e. put spoon in bowl and stir). Like other Sugar and Ketchup apps, there are options for parents to track the visual tasks appropriate to their child’s abilities within the Settings and pick which activities they would like the child to complete.

For teachers and parents using this app, I would recommend pairing the activities in this app with physical experience of building the blocks or stirring the the spoon in the bowl so they can get the sensory experience of what they are seeing represented on the app.   Overall I think this is a great app to introduce basic visual cause and effect concepts and whole part concepts as well as functional cause effect concepts with pictures.  However, I think it is within the child’s best interest if these activities were paired with the real activities as well.



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