App Review: EDA Play Elis

I recently had the opportunity to try out the app EDA Play Elis .

The app was designed by Sugar and  Ketchup for children with low vision or blindness.  These are the the same developers that have created EDA Play, EDA Play Toby and EDA Play Pauli.

We specifically liked EDA Play Elis because it was one of the first apps created by this developer that offered mixed levels in visual skill and visual motor skills development.

The app offers visual content that is as simple as thevisual presentation of the single  Door the user opens between each seen that Elis travels through as she goes through her day.


It gets as visually complex as presenting 6 single colored objects at one time


The other part of this app that we really liked was that the app follows a sequential story in the same way EDA Play Pauli does.   It starts at the beginning of  Ellie’s day and follows her through several tasks including eat, taking a bath, etc.


The visual motor tasks needed to access the app are as diverse the visual development skills.   The students with higher visual motor skills who are learning to visually target specific pictures and items or are working using their index finger benefit from these more challenging visual motor tasks within the app.  Students who are learning basic cause and effect skills benefit from the more simple visual motor and visual skill development features of this app.  Please see my demo of this app in the Youtube link below:



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